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This solar collector model is used for ventilation and heating for any kinds of buildings. The main function, either ventilation or heating, can be determined by you as a user.
In addition to ventilating and heating, the appliance also creates a comfortable and healthy microclimate, kills and prevents mold and fungus, dries up your room, and increases the amount of oxygen.
This air solar collector model is suitable for residential, non-residential, and industrial area ​​up to 80 м2.

Maximum Area: 80 m2
Air Flow: 110 m3
Temperature Increase: 30 – 35 С
Product Dimensions: 2000х700х55 mm
Product Weight: 11,6 kg
Total Weight Including Packaging: 22,2 kg

Advantages of Solar Fox Air Collector SF3-VС

  • Delivery Cost – due to its light weight of 2.95-m standard size, the delivery cost is reduced.
  • Functional Life – it is easy and simple to prolong the functional life of the collector without maintenance by just replacing the filter.
  • Universal Design – The design allows you to choose how you’d like to use the collector – as a heater or as a ventilator
  • Strong Packaging – the packaging is of well-designed and strong quality to ensure the safety of the appliance during the transport
  • Adjustable Angle – 15 to 45 degree angle can be adjudged to increase the efficiency of the collector in receiving the maximum amount of the sunlight
  • 3-Year Warranty – we provide an extended guarantee for the appliances, as our confidence in the quality of the products.

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