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Many warehouses and industrial buildings often have air circulation problems due to lack of proper ventilation, such as, too much moisture in a freezing room. Sometimes, they also have other problems regarding low temperature which is totally not good for many industrial products that need a proper storage in a certain range of temperature. But, these problems can be solved easily by Solar Fox air collectors.

Solar Fox air collector with an automatic ventilation system

Solar Fox air collector can perform heating task automatically. And its heating function is really a modern, cost-effective and reliable solution to all ventilation problems in industrial buildings.

Solar Fox air collector – a multifunctional device that is able to cope with many problems in your industrial building

  1. Removing excess moisture

  2. Heating up a building

  3. Ventilating automatically

The operating principle of Solar Fox air collector is simple. Its heating process works similarly to the greenhouse effect, yet better! With its special inner layer called suntrap, the air mass will be warmed up much faster.  Additionally, this inner layer can also perform air filtration to clean up the air from moisture and impurities. At the same time, an external fan, which is powered by a built-in solar panel, will work effectively to ensure that the air entering a room will always be clean, warm and dry. This ventilation process works automatically by solar energy. However, if you wish to disable the solar air collector, it can be easily done by using a switch installed indoors.

How to choose the most suitable Solar Fox model for your industrial building


This information can be found in our technical descriptions of the products in a column “room size” It will help you to make a right decision to buy the most suitable model of Solar Fox air collector for your warehouse or industrial building.

However, if your warehouse or industrial building is of a large area, we recommend you to directly contact our technical department for a professional calculation of ventilation system.

Ventilation in non-residential buildings is not as less important as ventilation in residential buildings. There are many ventilation systems, both natural and mechanical, used today. But the most advantageous and effective one is the system by solar air collector which can perform many tasks to tackle all issues regarding improper ventilation and more importantly, is eco-friendly and cost-saving.

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