Solar Fox air collector has been technologically developed  to be the solar energy device that is able to ventilate your garages mechanically with automatic air heating system.  Its operation in garages or even utility rooms is regarded as the most highly effective tool for ventilation by our customers. 

What is garage ventilation?

Вентиляция гаража

To begin with, why do we need ventilation? Ventilation is needed to ensure a supply of fresh air and an outflow of impurity, carbon-rich exhaust air. Our living rooms, for example, are full of air pollution caused by human breath, pets, food smells etc. Without ventilation, it would not be a good and healthy place to sit in.

This also happens in garages. Cars and equipment stored in garages can emit unbelievable harmful chemical substances into the air, especially when engines are cooling off after work, making it unhealthy and uncomfortable for people to stay in even in a short period of time.

According to Russian regulatory documents SNIP 21-02-99 about outbuildings, which include garages, any outbuildings must be equipped with a ventilation system, regardless of whether or not it’s heated, with 180 cubic metres of air per hour as for regulatory capacity of ventilation system and with temperature inside a room not less than 5 degrees Celsius. Such requirements are due precisely to a concern of human health, since all harmful substances emitted by cars and equipment into the air are not felt, but can cause a harmful consequence to our health after a stay in garages.

Not only your health, but a garage without good ventilation can also destroy your own cars and other equipment. When a car is parked in a garage, heated auto parts and engines will generates lots of moisture while cooling down. This moisture causes corrosion—a main enemy of engines—on any metal auto parts and even in an electronic system of your cars which can adversely lead to failures of performance, and consequently, costs you a large sum of unnecessary money for car diagnostic and repair. Since prevention is always better than cure, you now need a proper ventilation system in your garage to pull away moisture to ensure safety of vehicles and its protection.

Garage ventilation by Solar Fox air collector

To fully understand ventilation in garages and how to make it work, we need to learn about general information of ventilation first.

All existing ventilation systems can be divided into three types:

  1. Natural ventilation. It is a movement of air under an influence of aerodynamic principles. The system operates by temperature difference inside and outside a garage. However, this natural system doesn’t work effectively for all seasons.

  2. Combined ventilation system. In contrast to the natural ventilation, this system generates air circulation by carrying air mass out of a room by a fan and within a minute, returning it back into a cold air space with no filtration. 

  3. Forced (mechanical) ventilation. This system consists of two modules: a supply unit with a filter and heater to heat an incoming air, and an exhaust setup. With two modules operating, the system is completely controlled and can produce quality of air exchange and garage ventilation.

However, with more advanced technology, solar air collector has now become a new innovative device to make ventilation easier and even better than ever. Considering its system in terms of price and quality, solar air collector also tops other systems as the best solution for garage ventilation. There is only one thing to note in mind. It’s that the system depends on sunny weather. But that’s not the big deal when the rest of the system performance meets every requirement for efficient ventilation in garages.

The main advantages of the system:

  1. Independent operation. The system works automatically. It does not require any maintenance. However, if you wish to disable the system, you can just simply use a switch in the product set which will be installed inside your home.

  2. Energy independence. The system works by renewable solar energy and does not require electricity connection.

  3.  Heating and filtering functions. Air mass will be warmed up inside Solar Fox device unit before served into a garage space as heated air. It is also filtered by a built-in bed with a special felt mat to ensure better quality of fresh and clean air. 

  4. Cost-saving. The system runs by free source of energy from the sun and does not require electricity power.

  5. Price. Prices of the products and installation of the system is ten times lower than the cost of a normal forced ventilation system.

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