Deciding to build a sauna in a country home? Everyone wants it to be comfortable, durable, and certainly not harmful to health. Many of us choose to build a sweat lodge that relies on construction and design ability. However, this decision never seems to get us such good sauna expectations.


Humidity in a sauna


What if your wonderful holiday in a sauna becomes a nightmare? Yes, this could happen!

Saunas always have problems of insufficient ventilation, dampness and moulds. Unlike other engineering errors that can be easily detected and fixed right away during construction, such sauna problems are difficult to predict in advance.

Why does ventilation in saunas need to be addressed? Sauna ventilation is extremely important because it provides a continuous air flow which helps to control excessively overwhelming moisture to a proper level. When moisture is controlled, there will be no consequence of harmful moulds and fungi. Too much of moisture can also affect ageing of your sauna. But with quality and well-planned ventilation, your sauna can stay twice longer. Moreover, lack of ventilation can cause stagnant air, making it more difficult for you to breathe and increasing a risk of combustion poisoning. This is why you need good ventilation for your sauna.

The use of solar energy for ventilation

In the world where natural resources are being depleted and their costs have become several times higher than their benefits given, it makes sense to look out for other energy supply. Solar energy has long been known as an environmentally clean and safe alternative energy which is totally free and renewable. It is now the time for us to learn how to use it and apply it to our daily life. Solar air collector can be one of your choices.

Solar energy can be applied to a ventilation system. This is called solar air collector. The system only relies on solar energy and does not require electricity connection at all. Using Solar Fox air collector, you can save not only environment, but also your money.

For the use in saunas, some people may argue that water is more effective than air in term of being a heat conductor to collect solar thermal energy and transmit it to saunas. But unlike air, using water can cause too much heat in summers and freezing cold in winters. This is why we use air as the heat conductor in Solar Fox system to ensure that your sauna time will be the most enjoyable time.

Solar Fox air collector is placed in a sealed enclosure with a heat insulator. Its main part is a solar panel which works as a solar energy receiver. Once the air is heated, it is supplied by a fan into a sauna to replace the stale air, providing air ventilation in your sauna. It should be also noted that Solar Fox air collector works by a fully independent system which doesn’t require electricity connection. This totally helps you to save money from electricity expense.

Having considered all qualities, it can be said that Solar Fox air collector is the best sauna ventilation system you must have it now. For the highest efficiency and effectiveness of your sauna ventilation, you’re suggested to directly contact our Solar Fox professionals to plan out the construction and design. We are more than happy to assist you.

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