I was recommended to use Solar Fox. It unbelievably helps me to solve all problems of home maintenance. Earlier in every winter, I would have problems with wooden doors. They were greatly swollen. And then in springs, the floor structure would sort of change too. Today, I don’t have these problems anymore. Excess moisture in my home is solved as well. And during winters, in sunny evenings, the temperature in home can be about 20 degree Celsius above the outside. So now, I have forgotten how it felt like to stay in the home with freezing cold temperature.


Thank you so much! Solar Fox has completely solved mould problems in my home. Its dehumidification function is really helpful. It’s great that we have these affordable, yet effective devices to solve home problems today.

Yuri, Moscow

I would like to thank the company for the installation advice. At first, I had some difficulties installing it, but because of their professional advice, the problems were solved very easily. Now, the air collector works very effectively. The operation is really satisfying.

Frolova Irina, Moscow

It’s really surprising. I didn’t expect this small air collector to work this effectively. I rarely use the old heater during winters at all because Solar Fox air collector makes the average home temperature higher than 10-15 degrees Celsius already.

Kirill, Krasnodar

Hello! I would like to thank for the installation service. It’s very quick and impressive. Your service charge is also not expressive at all. The rest to say is that your air collector is really of high quality!


Olga Karapetyan

Hello! I’m really pleased with the quality of the product assembly. It is very compact and tough. The whole device looks strong enough to protect it from thief. The coating colour is also of high quality. Thank you!

Sergei Kirsanov

Solar Fox is a European-equivalent quality Russian manufacturers. They have good operation for both the production and the service.

Nicholas F.

Thank you. We are very satisfied. The air collector works amazingly well. I have recommended to many friends of mine for several times.

Anna Buss, Irkutsk

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