Pool ventilation is not an easy task. In contrast to ventilation of buildings which is needed to ensure a continuous flow of air, ventilation of pools is to solve a problem of excess moisture generated by a large area of ​​water surface, and to warm up indoor air.

Solar pool heating system

Heating can be categorised into four systems as follows

  1. Electric heating – heating with an electric PETN

  2. Water heating – hot water heating system

  3. Heat recovery method

  4. Solar air heating

Solar heater for swimming pools

Solar air collector for pool heating is a modern solution to ventilation problems and is totally free of charge since the device is run by renewable solar energy. This method also helps to reduce financial expenses caused by pool maintenance.

вентиляция бассейна

The device works automatically by accumulating air from an outside of a pool, filtering it by a special felt mat inside the device, then heating it up by solar energy and feeding it into a pool by a solar fan. This process fully works by the automatic pool ventilation system of Solar Fox air collector. Not only air circulation, this device can also perform dehumidification function as well.

However, for the most effective performance, when choosing the most suitable model of Solar Fox air collector for your pool, you are suggested to choose the device of a larger size than described in the product description. This can be simply explained by the fact that pools have more excessive moisture from water than normal rooms.

Humidity in pools

Excessive moisture is a direct effect from water temperature. In addition to ventilation, it’s important to consider a pool space, its location, and materials used etc. when designing a pool as they’re significant indicators of water temperature, which as mentioned, can cause moist air.

To prevent a penetration of moisture into adjacent rooms, a pressure-difference rule is suggested by many ventilation specialists to increase an air flow. Sometimes, they suggest using a dehydrator too.

However, in order to avoid all problems together: moulds and fungi, dampness, corrosion of materials and uncomfortable stay in swimming pool – ask for help from the professionals since principles of natural ventilation can’t be applied with pool ventilation which requires precise calculation of both effectiveness and efficiency of ventilation system.