Solar Fox Air Collectors are a solar powered appliance for heating and ventilation of any buildings. The products are categorized by two main functions: heating (CSF models) and ventilation (VSF models), which works on slightly different principles of operation and requires certain installation for each function.

Table of contents

  1. How Solar Fox work for heating
  2. How Solar Fox perform ventilation
  3. Other functions Solar Fox can do for your place

How Solar Fox work for Heating

как работает воздушный солнечный коллектор

How does Solar Fox heat up your place?

  1. When sunlight hits a front of the collector, the collector heats up.
  2. A solar panel then generates a current, starting a fan which draws air through an inlet into the collector.
  3. The air is warmed up, increasing 10-40ºС more, before pumped into a room.
  4. The heated air mass replaces cold air and naturally diverts it out through existing building gaps.

A check valve, which is a part of the collector, will keep the warm air in. A mechanical switch will also allow you to switch off the appliance if heating is not needed. The efficiency of heating performance depends on an installation location. When choosing the location, an area of light and shadow is taken into consideration. The best location is a southern side, following by either a south-eastern or a south-western. Horizontal installation is recommended, but vertical placement is also possible

How Solar Fox Air collectors Work

принцип действия солнечного коллектора

How Solar Fox Performs Ventilation

  1. When sunlight hits a front of the collector, the collector heats up.
  2. A solar panel then generates a current, starting a fan which draws outdoor air through a special hole into the collector.
  3. The air gets purified in a filter in the collector before heated up and pumped into a room.
  4. A forced circulation runs through a room, diverting carbon dioxide through natural building gabs or a specially installed outlet.

Solar Fox Air Collector for ventilation can be installed on a wall or a roof. The installation decision is based on a building design and a customer’s wish. However, either on a wall or a roof, effective ventilation and additional heating are achieved.

Problems that are solved by Solar Fox Air Collector

The variety of Solar Fox heating and ventilation appliances allow you to find effective solutions for:

  1. Residential buildings: houses, cottages, suburban cottages, seasonal or permanent residence, temporary house, etc.
  2. Business building: garages, bathrooms, cellars, attics, warehouses, hangars, etc.
  3. Special building: greenhouses, plant nurseries, etc.

Without and unlike traditional air conditioners, convectors and dehumidifiers, Solar Fox Air Collectors establish a healthy microclimate in your room; maintain optimum and proper temperature and humidity level, comfort residents, pets and plants; create additional heating even in seasonal residence that has no electricity, circulate and ventilate indoor air; constantly clean and refresh an atmosphere; remove carbon dioxide, unpleasant odors, and stagnant air masses.