Most of us are well aware of the importance of ventilation. Nowadays, there are many ventilation systems, both natural to forced, used in private homes. However, the simplest, most convenient and most effective way to ventilate your home is to use solar air collectors. Let’s see how!

How to create ventilation in your home

Home ventilation can naturally occur by itself, but it takes a well thought-out and thorough construction design with complex scientific knowledge in higher education to make it work effectively. Unfortunately, many private homes don’t have such qualities, and have to face many home problems regarding lack of ventilation.

Solar Fox air collectors for private homes

Solar Fox air collector for private homes is a modern solution to ventilation problems of buildings of all types. It has a fully independent system which works by free and renewable solar energy to provide optimal ventilation process to your home.

The operating principle of Solar Fox air collector for your home


Solar Fox air collector works on a basis of safe heater. The incoming air will be heated up by solar energy similarly to the greenhouse effect, and then fed into your home to replace the existing air with new, warmed, fresh and clean air. This process creates good ventilation which helps you to keep your place safely heated as well as to remove unnecessarily excessive moisture.

The system operates automatically whenever there is the sunlight. This means the device can constantly keep your home warm and comforatble for you to stay in. Moreover, it will always refresh and refill the air in your place, making a good and healthy environment. Even better, with its dehumidifying functions, the device can also eliminate unpleasant dampness, slow down the deformation and peeling process of building materials and furniture, and significantly extends a life of your home.

To learn more about Solar Fox air collectors, see Technical information

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