Calculation of suitable power for the device can be found in the technical description. Each Solar Fox model has its own capacity and efficiency; thus it is important to choose the most suitable one for your home. If you have further questions regarding the model or the calculation of the power, please contact our consultants by phone for free to receive your personal assistant.

For your convenience, the company delivers the products to anywhere in Russia. EMS system is also provided if you wish to receive the product within the shortest period time. Learn more about the delivery: “Payment and Delivery in Russia”

Solar Fox air collectors are now available only in black as a basic technical requirement. However, if you wish to have other colours, we kindly ask you to leave your request by completing the form below.

Installation of Solar Fox air collectors is secured by screws with special protective heads, making it difficult to dismantle without a special screw nozzle (Tip is included in the product package)

Installation of Solar Fox air collectors requires just basic construction skills which is guided by detailed instructions. Normally, the installation can be done by customers.

It is neccessary that Solar Fox air collectors are installed about 30-50 cm. above a floor to ensure most effective air circulation. For more details, see  “Operating principles of Solar Fox air collectors” or watch Demonstration video

All models of solar Fox air collectors come with a full two-year warranty.

Filter cleaning is not required for years of operation since the filter will not get clogged during winters and even off-seasons.

Snow covering on the device will melt immediately in a sunny weather, even during winters. However, we recommend you to see the installation guidelines for the device observation and maintenance, regarding the position of the device (angle of device inclination).

The fan used for Solar Fox air collector is of high quality and installed outside your home, so the device operates completely silently, making zero noise.

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