We are looking for partner companies and individuals to join our business cooperation in expanding Solar Fox across Russia and overseas. To join us, simply complete the form below, and you will be contacted in the shortest time by our company to provide all necessary information about the conditions of cooperation.

Your business cooperation is always highly appreciated.

  • Transparency and benefit relationships

Terms of cooperation are agreed between retailers and suppliers. The product prices are based on the pricing policy which gives priority to both partners and end-users’s satisfaction.

  • Training in products knowledge and selling strategies

Sales representatives will be offered training by Solar Fox specialists, to learn all necessary knowledge of instructional product design and its technical and operational characteristics.

  • Customer-based service and support

Solar Fox Company is always obliged to terms of delivery. The company will provide its partners with all necessary service and supports to increase awareness and interest among final consumers.

  • Assistance and advice for advertisements and marketing strategies

To support their partners, Solar Fox Company will put all partners’ information including pictures and video of their exhibition and reviews on all available online resources, catalogs and other advertising and informative sources to boost up accessibility to customers.

  • Flexible and individual cooperation

Solar Fox Company has their own specialists available for the partners in any specific discussion or in problem solving situations.

  • Sales and improvement stimulation

Bonus and discounts are offered to strengthen relationships between the partners.

You will get

  1. Full technical and marketing supports

  2. Constant customer flow

  3. High quality products

  4. Continuous product supply

  5. Trade credit provision

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