Celebrating Your May Holidays

Dear Clients! Solar Fox Company would like to celebrate your joyfulness on this May Holidays. We give special offers for Solar Fox air collectors. Learn more about the promotions in the product section on this website. May your special days be as bright as the sun and as peaceful as the sky. Enjoy your sunshine and…

Significant changes in air collector technology

As a result of our technological research, the product design has been adjusted to yield its highest efficiency. The changes were particularly made on the width of the devices and the suntrap. To clarify, the width of the air collectors has been reduced and the suntrap is changed to a specially-developed felt mat. These changes have been applied to all models of Solar Fox air collectors for the greatest performance of the devices.

New Solar Fox Air Collector Model VSF-4

Due to numerous requests from our customers, we offer you a model of the Solar Fox air collector VSF-4. This model is an analogue model of VSF-5, which has similar specifications, but its size for installation is more handy and convenient. VSF-4 model is now available in both wall and roof versions.

В честь 8го марта подарки!

Компания ООО «Интехмет» поздравляет всех женщин с международным праздником 8 марта. В честь праздника, в период с 01 марта по 20 марта 2014 года, мы делаем дополнительную скидку на любую стоимость заказа в 3%.