struggling with mould

How to get rid of moulds in your home

It’s probably the worst picture of your life to see black moulds cover all over your home.  Not to mention seeing you and your family unhappy and sick because of these little moulds and fungi. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Here is how you can deal with moulds and fungi in your own home.

How do Solar Fox air collectors work?

There are several uses of Solar Fox air collectors. Due to its universally functional design and operations, the devices can work perfectly in all types of buildings, ranging from homes, garages, basements, attics, saunas, outbuildings and much more.

Solar Fox Air Collector in Industrial Buildings

Many warehouses and industrial buildings often have air circulation problems due to lack of proper ventilation, such as, too much moisture in a freezing room. Sometimes, they also have other problems regarding low temperature which is totally not good for many industrial products that need a proper storage in a certain range of temperature. But, these problems can be solved easily by Solar Fox air collectors.